The FLEC-Cell for non-destructive testing of VOC's in indoor-air -

the ingenious emission test cell


One of the most important applications of the FLEC-cell is the measurement of pollutants in indoor-air.

The FLEC-cell is used for testing VOC emissions from planar materials and coatings in complicance with  international standards such as ISO 16000-10 and ASTM D7143-11. The FLEC cell may be used in laboratories or directly for non-destructive testing of floorings, wall or ceilings in the field. Applications are found in product development, industrial quality control and environmental monitoring for sources of indoor air pollution. The FLEC cell is a robust testchamber constructed of acid proof stainless steel.

A FLEC-cell is small, portable, easy to handle and easy to clean.

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Product no.: FL-0001
The FLEC-Cell (Field- and Laboratory Emission-Cell) for non-destructive testing of VOC's in indoor-air
Product no.: FL-1000
The FLEC AirControl has been designed to control the flow and humidity of the clean air stream into the FLEC-Cell.
Product no.: FL-1001-01
Sensor for measuring temperature and humidity for use with the FLEC-Pump.
Product no.: FL-2001
Subunit for emission measurements of non-planar materials in connection with the FLEC-Cell
Product no.: FL-0100

FLEC Test Kit for Recovery Measurements with the FLEC-Cell

Product no.: FL-0150

Testplate for the measurement of non-planar materials with the FLEC-Cell

Product no.: FL-0170

Testplate with a cavity for viscous materials for measurements with the FLEC-Cell

Product no.: FL-0160

Application Roller for Paint and Coatings

Product no.: FL-0161

FLEC Testplate for Paint and Coatings

Product no.: FL-0200

Rugged telescope to be used with the wall-/ceiling-clamp for the FLEC-Cell and the pump clamp.

Product no.: FL-0202

This FLEC Wall-Clamp has been developped for the safe attachment of the FLEC-Cell to the telescope.

Product no.: FL-0204

You can mount the FLEC-Cell absolutely safe on the top of the telescope with this FLEC-Ceiling Clamp

Product no.: FL-0203

FLEC-Pumpclamps are used for the safe and handy attachment of the FLEC-Pump to the telescope.

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